Jens til Minority.jpg

Jens Horstmann

Project Manager

Jens is a very experienced folk school professor and university lecturer who has arranged countless conferences and learning programmes over the past decade. Originally educated as a lawyer, he has spent the past 12 years revitalizing Denmark’s oldest folk school, teaching political science and law - as well as a lot of jumping around and shouting very loudly.

Jens has lived and worked in the US as a visiting scholar at Western Illinois University, and took part of his education from the university in Bonn, Germany. Also, he believes very strongly in ignoring a healthy diet if there is a good restaurant around.


Karsten Dressø

Principal of the Jaruplund højskole

Karsten is a positive structured changemaker who has a background in Lego and the military which he has used to think in thriving development and teams. After some years working for Lego and at different Folk High School he took over the position as principal of Jaruplund Højskole in 2014.


Martin Klatt

Associate Professor

Martin has been studying the Danish-German border region and its minorities for quite a while. He is intrigued by nationalism and its origins, and how the concept of national minorities evolved as a model to contain and separate cultural diversity. As a historian he has extensive experience with being a kind of Sherlock Holmes in the Research Archives in Flensburg. Since 2001 he has been an Associate Professor at the Institute for Border Region Studies at University of Southern Denmark. Martin is crazy about biking, he is such a strong believer in bicycles to be the ultimate solution to traffic congestion that he quite often uses it to overcome the 40 kilometers between his home and the university.