Minority Changemaker

“People who learn in order to live are in a different sort of hurry from those who live in order to learn.”

N. F. S. Grundtvig
Founding father of the folk high school


The Danish Folk High School


The Danish Folk High School, Højskole, offers a 175 years old form of non-formal adult education based on the thoughts of the Danish philosopher N.F.S. Grundtvig.

The essential element of the Folk High Schools is the life on the school ground. The Folk High School becomes what it is because of the individuals, teachers, students and staff, that make it. Learning happens in mutual exchange in a community across social status and differences where students learn from teachers and vice versa. The dialogue across differences was for Grundtvig the core of life at a Folk High School.

What is life like on a danish folk high school?

International students describe the life on a folk high school in Denmark.


Jaruplund Højskole

Take a bite of your future

The dream of Jaruplund Højskole emerged in a circle of Folk High School people after the end of the Second World War. It was a dream of creating a Folk High School which could become a powerhouse for the Danish minority in South Slesvig. Folk High Schools, the Danish cooperative movement and private citizens contributed with funds and the South Slesvian personage, farm owner Meta Røh, donated the beautiful plot of land down by the Jaruplund Lake where the school is placed. In 1950 the school was ready to enroll their first students in the disused refugee baracks, which in the first years made up the Folk High School.

Today the refugee baracks are replaced by the beautiful and recently renovated buildings and Jaruplund Højskole is a modern Folk High School with all necessary facilities, from our own cinema, rehearsel room and artist’s workshop to a sauna, fitness room and 34 single and double bedrooms, with own lavatories and showers.
But the dream of those days is still alive. An inspirational place for the Danish minority and for the Danes which every year choose to live and dream at the only Danish Folk High School south of the Danish-German border.


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