Inspiration from outside

During your stay at Jaruplund, you are going to meet other people - and places - as well. We are going on a number of smaller excursions; and on a multiple-day study trip.

Every week we also feature one or more guests to bring us inspiration. They can be influencers, policy-makers, storytellers, artists, journalists, politicians, musicians or anything in between. Whoever they are, they can make you think, wonder, cry, or laugh.

As we get closer to the start, we will announce more and more of the participating guests - take a look at the events we have listed now and keep an eye out for this page.



elena and peter - our europe

Our Europe shows you what Europe looks like seen from the perspective of two European reporters and through the eyes of the young Europeans. We are Peter Laugesen and Elena Maria Askløf, two dedicated travellers, a writer and a filmmaker, and since 2013 we have undertaken several extensive European journeys to find answers to important questions. Who are the young Europeans? How can we make change? What’s going on with migration, the economic crisis, Brexit, far right populism, democracy and the relation to Russia?

In 2014, Elena and Peter were awarded Charlemagne Youth Prize, a prize given by the European Parliament to the best youth project in Europe.


yen Easter seminar

In the second week of the stay at Jaruplund, YEN is inviting all the participants to their easter seminar - which is held only 50 km. north of Jaruplund in Denmark.

Here you will meet and engage with many young Europeans from minority backgrounds. The programme for the 2020-event has not yet been finalized, but here is the programme for 2019 as inspiration.

The Youth of European nationalities (YEN) is a dynamic and active network of youth organizations in a multicultural and multilingual Europe, representing their interests.

The main goal is to work for the preservation and development of the rights of the minorities and ethnic groups.


week-long study trip

In the middle of June, the entire group goes on a study trip to a destination in Europe. We are still planning the where, what, and why - but we can guarantee that it will be an intense week with meetings, excursions, attractions, looong days and short nights, and a new way to look at Europe.

Much more to follow.


Visits from ECMI, EURAC, FUEN etc.

During your stay, the major European organizations for minority work will all pay us a visit. They arrange part of the programme which may include workshops, speaks, debates, role play, and lots more.

We have collaborations with the European Centre for Minority Issues, with the Federal Union of European Nationalities, with EURAC, the Minderheitensekretariat, and many more.

This is your chance to get some of the influencers on minority issues one-on-one.


Roskilde Festival 2020

As a participant in the Minority Changemaker Programme, you are invited to join the Danish Border Association Youth at Roskilde Festival in the days after the completion of the programme in the end of June.

Roskilde is Northern Europes largest music festival with a crowd of upwards of 100.000 and a world class roster of bands. We will pay for your transport and entry ticket, but in return you must be a part of a project, you will be working on during the stay at Jaruplund.