Minority Changemaker

The Minority Changemaker Programme

The Minority Changemaker Programme is a three-month learning programme in spring 2020 at Jaruplund Højskole. Here you have the chance to combine academic lectures and ECTS credits with non-formal learning in a community of young Europeans - and build friendships and network for life.

The school is situated in a green area in the outskirts on Flensburg, Germany, in the Danish-German border region, where Danes, Germans, Frisians and Sinti and Roma have lived side by side for centuries. The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) provides the academic input, while the Højskole provides lots of other classes, debates, lectures, and different activities - and through all this you will be staying, living, and going to class with other young people from all over Europe. Project partner is also the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN).

The course is open to everyone - both members of national minorities in Europe and for those interested in minority issues.

The price for all this? 500€ - in total, everything included.

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Join the Minority Changemaker Programme
28th of March - 28th of June 2020 and…


become a changemaker

that challenges convention and fights for positive change in Europe.

broaden your horizon

by choosing an elective subject such as debate, philosophy, music, art, politics or literature at the Jaruplund Højskole.

Gain ECTS-points

through a pertinent academic curriculum and dedicated lecturers from the University of Southern Denmark.

Visit Roskilde Festival

among the most unique festivals in the world featuring music, art and debates on societal issues.


Go on a study trip

explore intriguing corners of Europe and their curious societies and meet fellow Europeans dedicated to minority issues.

Emerge in topics

such as European diversity, democracy and minority rights presented by our committed staff and policymakers from all over Europe.

Create a network

of 40 young women and men from all over Europe with a passion for cultural exchange and intellectual debate.

Experience “hygge”

the Danish term for a certain kind of coziness and feeling of wellness.



Europe has a brutal history. For centuries, Europeans have fought over a mix of culture, language, ethniticity, and territory. In fact, the past 70 years is the longest period in European history without wars between two nation states - and still, we have seen regional conflicts as those in the Balkans and in Ukraine.

Modern Europeans, both people and governments, fortunately share the ideology of “unity in diversity” - let us respect that we have different backgrounds and recognize our common goal of living good, prosperous lives in peace.

But this shared ideology does not stay shared by itself. We need to keep reminding each other of cultural understanding and mutual respect. Too often, we see people, politicians, and even leaders forget the history and treat other nationalities and ethnicities with contempt.

Together, we want to ask the question: How can the idea of minorities help shape a Europe that embodies “unity in diversity”? How can the many different national minorities promote a united Europe - and not work against it?

We want to educate and create generations of young Europeans - from minorities as well as majorities - who see themselves as belonging to both their regional culture, to their nation, and to Europe. And who helps other Europeans see things the same way.

Change starts with knowledge and friendship. That is what we are building.

The Course

During the three-month course the students will be living and learning together at Jaruplund Højskole. The school is a meeting point for Danish, German and European culture and with its belonging to the Danish minority in Germany. The course combines the Folk High School’s special Nordic concept for adult education with an academic curriculum which offers the students to obtain 15 ECTS-points for further studies. Besides the academic curriculum, the course offers a broad variety of elective subjects, such as music experiences, art history, personal development and coaching, rhetoric and communication, leadership and activism, yoga and meditation and excursions around the area and to bigger towns nearby.


The academic curriculum of the 15 ECTS-points course focuses on Europe´s history, current political debates, minorities and nationalism. The organizer of the course is the Centre for Border Region Studies at the University of Southern Denmark.

See the academic curriculum here.


As a student at the Minority Changemaker Programme you will be able to dig deep into the questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? And where do I belong?
You will become part of a network of young Europeans and get knowledge and empowerment to exactly know how, where, and when to interact to change your regional, national and European community. We believe that your experience and knowledge needs to be shared and that minorities and majorities need to work hand in hand for a democratic and diverse society. This is why you will be encouraged and inspired to go out with the courage and tools to make change happen all around Europe. At the end of the course, you are invited to join Roskilde Festival, the biggest music festival in northern Europe, as a volunteer.


“soon time! and what was but a dream you shall as truth then view it.”

B.S. Ingemann | Danish Poet | 1831 | transl. John Irons


Did you know…?


One in seven Europeans is part of a historical, national minority or speaks a regional or minority language


The European Union has more than twice as many regional and minority languages compared to official languages


Europe has more "languages without a state" than national languages


Caught your interest?